Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New blog on the block!

PatLit sends its warmest wishes to the EPLAW Patent Blog, which went live yesterday. To explain briefly,
"EPLAW was formed in the year 2001 as a non-profit making corporation with a view to promote the equitable and efficacious handling of patent disputes in Europe and to strengthen the links between lawyers having relevant litigious experience in patent law in Europe.

Members of the Association must be lawyers admitted to a bar or similar law society in a country in the European Economic Area and Switzerland and have substantial litigation experience in patent law".
The Blog has an archive that stretches back to January 2009 and it's internally searchable. Its Editorial Board consists of 33 members drawn from 11 jurisdictions, under the editorial baton of Annette Hirschfeld (Tilburg University). Readers may wish to note that it's sponsored and carries advertising. You can view the EPLAW Patent Blog here.

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