Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Patent ethics in court: a new title

In many countries any sort of IP litigation is a specialist activity, but in large, sophisticated and litigation-aware jurisdictions like the United States each area of IP is a discrete field of expertise and even within each field it is possible to discern sub-specialities. Outside the US there can be few jurisdictions on the planet where the volume and nature of legal activity could support a title such as Patent Ethics: Litigation, the latest work by Professor David Hricik, and which would permit nearly 300 pages of sources and analysis.

According to the publishers' web-blurb
"Patent Ethics: Litigation serves as a guide to the ethical issues arising in the course of the patent litigation process. By providing relevant rules and case law, it allows practitioners to identify ethical problems before they arise and to address them most effectively when they do. Patent Ethics: Litigation is the second of two volumes on patent ethics-the first is on prosecution-written by Professor David Hricik and Drinker Biddle partner Mercedes Meyer. This treatise is the first of its kind to combine the PTO rules with commentary by the author, which distills the author's own experience and expertise in patent litigation into effective practice strategies.

Readership: U.S.-based patent litigators, private-practice attorneys and agents, in-house intellectual property departments, foreign law practitioners overseeing U.S. operations, and law schools".
The book is not yet on the bookstore shelves, or indeed available online, but its home page can be accessed here. Published from the US desk of Oxford University Press, its ISBN is 978-0-19-536709-6. The UK price is to be £135.

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