Thursday, 7 October 2010

Standards and Patents

The Fourth Annual Conference on Standards and Patents, organised by IBC Legal Conferences will be held in the Crowne Plaza London St James on 16 and 17 November. PatLit is among the event's media sponsors.  The programme addresses topics of relevance in those industrial sectors where huge profits can be obtained if patent licensing policy, IP rules and competition barriers are all correctly sorted out -- while huge losses, market exclusion and commercial wipe-out can result if you get just one small thing wrong.  Topics covered include
  • Patent pooling
  • The market for patent portfolios
  • Trolls and non-practising entities
  • Paying for patent litigation and cost-shifting
  • Competition law and policy issues in principle and in practice
  • The impact of change on standards bodies
There's a strong panel of speakers, including members of the judiciary, practitioners and industrial interests. You can view the whole programme, and registration details, by clicking here. Use this link and, as a PatLit reader, you'll be entitled to a generous 10% discount on the cost of registration.

The IPKat weblog, which is also one of the media sponsors, is running a competition for which the prize is free admission.  Click here for details.

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