Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Two more new titles -- possibly for review

The publication of a couple more books has just been announced by Oxford University Press, but this blogger has yet to see either of them.  Details, from the OUP email circular, are cut-and-pasted below. If PatLit can get hold of review copies (as is quite likely), well-informed readers will be invited to apply to review them for the blog.  If you want to be kept in mind as a possible reviewer of these or other new titles, can you please let me know by email here.

Winning the Patent Damages Case
Winning the Patent Damages Case
A Litigator's Guide to Economic Models and Other Damage Strategies
Richard F. Cauley
Winning the Patent Damages Case serves as a guide to patent litigators and in-house counsel who are either considering an action for patent infringement or who are facing the spectre of a lengthy, expensive litigation. It offers readers an analytical framework for determining the likely damages award in a patent case, which is critical to the decision of whether to settle the case and for how much. It provides valuable information on how to structure the patent case from the outset and assists accused infringers in how to prepare a "shadow" damages case that may result in a much more reasonable damages award in the event of a loss. Finally, the book provides practical suggestions on how to select and work with a damages expert. The second edition discusses the Federal Circuit's decision in Lucent v. Gateway on the entire market rule and damages allocation, as well as subsequent decisions which have employed its reasoning. 
Paperback | 186 pages
£135.00 | 25 August 2011 | 978-0-19-976756-4

Patent Litigation in China
In Patent Litigation in China, Douglas Clark provides U.S. and other non-Chinese practitioners with an overview of the patent litigation system in China and with strategic commentary to ensure better decision-making by those responsible for bringing or defending patent actions in China.
Paperback | 298 pages
£135.00 | 25 August 2011 | 978-0-19-973025-4

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