Friday, 13 January 2012

Patent reform in the EU: latest news

Last Chance Saloon: are they singing
a Swan Song for common sense?
With apologies to readers of the IPKat weblog, who may already have seen this item, I'd like to draw attention to Annsley (the AmeriKat) Merelle Ward's totally up-to-date and quite compelling post this morning, "Europe's runaway patent train on track -- for scrutiny, or mutiny?", which you can read here.

If you have a moment to phone or email your friendly local Member of the European Parliament, or indeed anyone with influence and enough sense to realise that it's the last chance to use it, please do so. Annsley hopes that
" ... national governmental committees and politicians will take the opportunity to examine the proposals, speak with their patent professionals and raise these issues with their MEPs. The Kat encourages readers to take up the baton with their national politicians and MEPs before the "last chance saloon" of the February vote".

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