Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Overview of appeals: the world according to the EPC

Overview of the appeal proceedings according to the EPC is the title of a new book by Hugo Meinders, Ingo Beckedorf and Gérard Weiss, published by the Dutch Publishers H. Tel, from Haarlem. Actually, it's the same book three times over: if you enjoyed reading Hugo Meinders' bit in English, you can check it out in the more businesslike-sounding German version by Ingo Beckedorf and then slip effortlessly into the romantic lilt of Gérard Weiss's French.

What do the publishers have to say about it?
"About the book

The book Overview of the Appeal proceedings according to the EPC is the first concise overview of the procedures before the Boards of Appeal of the EPO written by members of the boards. It is published in English, German and French in a single volume. It is available in paperback form. A discount of 5% will be given on orders for 5 or more copies [not wishing to suggest that this is ungenerous, the book only costs € 55. A 5% discount on five copies is only € 13.75 -- and there's not much you can buy for that these days ... ].

About the content

The Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office were substantially revised in 2003. These Rules make it clear that the function of the Boards of Appeal is a judicial one, namely the review of the appealed decision. Thereto, the proceedings are essentially in writing and the case must as complete as possible at the early stages. They are more a judicial review of the decision than a continuation of the administrative first instance proceedings, particularly in opposition-appeal. Hence, the appeal proceedings are substantially different from the first instance proceedings, a fact not generally appreciated by parties attending appeal proceedings.

The book provides an easily readable overview of the appeal proceedings, in the three official languages of the European Patent Office, which helps in understanding the nature of the appeal proceedings before the Boards of Appeal.

The book also contains the complete text of the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal in the three official languages and an alphabetic index for each language.

Who is it for?

The Overview of the Appeal proceedings according to the EPC is indispensable for patent attorneys and lawyers involved in appeal proceedings before the EPO. It is a reference book both for the practitioner and the trainee.".
It's certainly quite an easy read (at least the English text is -- this reviewer isn't competent to weigh up the French and German versions) and it is extremely well equipped with marginal references that enable the reader to discover the source of what the authors say without making the text look fussy.  The relative brevity of the text, its clarity of lay-out and the appearance of a handy index all combine to make the reading experience quite a pleasant one.

If you're thinking of ordering this book, the ISBN is 978-90-78310-09-9. It's 275 pages in length and not at all bulky. The fold-over flaps in the front and back covers make excellent bookmarks. You can order it from H. Tel's website here.

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Anonymous said...

With regards to the metrics.

While the book indeed ends at the french index on page 275, don't let that discourage you if you just want an easily readable overview of the appeal proceedings in English, French or German, as the preface advertises.

If this is the case you only need to read 54 pages, as the English text starts after the preface on page 11, and ends on page 65 just before the copy of the RPBA.

If this is what you are looking for then the price at 1 EUR per page is still a bargain.