Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice and Procedure -- now you can follow the Fox

Hot off the press is Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice and Procedure by Angela Fox, a partner in the London-based IP firm of Jenkins in which she practises as a solicitor advocate and trade mark attorney.

According to the publishers:
Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice and Procedure provides a reference for all litigators and practitioners seeking to make the best use of the court’s unique streamlined procedures for the cost-effective resolution of intellectual property disputes involving UK or Community IP rights.

* The only title available that focuses on the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court [true, and this is a bit of an innovation, seeing as there wasn't exactly a glut of books on the market on this court's predecessor, the Patents County Court (PCC)]
* Discusses essential topics including pre-action matters, starting proceedings, case management, applications, evidence, experiments and disclosure, trial, appeals, costs and small claims [I should hope so too!]

* Covers the jurisdiction of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, the types of proceedings it undertakes and representation before the court, offering practical guidance on navigating the system effectively [welcome, given the uncertainty about navigating the PCC --  and navigating between the PCC and its senior forum the Patents Court, under the old regime]

* Looks at the specialist rules of procedure introduced in 2010 and since that have broadened the Court’s appeal as a forum for resolving IP disputes in a streamlined and cost-effective way

* Also considers other dispute resolution mechanisms relevant to claims that may be brought before the IPEC, including domain names and company names, as well as ADR Includes example statements of case for a range of IP subject matter

* Draws on a range of sources to present a complete picture, including extracts from relevant source materials, court guides and the Civil Procedure Rules
Since my copy of the book has only just arrived, I've not had a chance to feast on it yet, but I look forward to doing so. The law is stated to be current to April 2014 and the book opens with some kind words from Mr Justice Birss and Judge Hacon -- the two members of the judiciary who between them have shaped the IPEC and made it what it is today, a thoroughly modern, effective and relatively affordable forum for resolving small IP disputes, as well as for resolving bigger disputes in a smaller way.

Bibliographic data: hardback, xlv + 545 pages. ISBN: 9780414028685. Price £165 or £175, depending on whether the book has been published or not when you order it.  Book's web page here.

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