Friday 19 September 2014

Biogen v Medeva: historical patent litigation landmark recognised

"Biogen v Medeva 20 years on" is the title of a seminar organised by Rouse for Thursday 16 October in the Crisis Skylight London Café (64 Commercial Street London, E1 6LT). You can check out the details here.  According to the rubric:
"Biogen v Medeva occupied the English patent courts for much of the early 1990s and the ‘Biogen insufficiency’ principle is still applied today [for a view of some applications of that decision in recent years, noted by the IPKat, click here]. Twenty years later, Rouse is bringing the protagonists of this landmark case together again...

We would be delighted if you would join us to hear about the impact this case had on the commercial, legal and scientific arenas as well as the personal recollections of the individuals involved. Our distinguished panellists include one of the expert witnesses in the case: Professor Jeffrey Almond; members of the parties’ in-house teams: Peter Cozens, Marcus Dalton and Bill Tyrrell; as well as a number of the external solicitors, barristers and US lawyers who acted in the litigation: Jim Haley, John Ilett, Professor Sir Robin Jacob, Leslie McDonell, Mark Hodgson, Adrian Speck QC and Diana Sternfeld".
This blogger is delighted to see an event that records the significance of a decision which, over the years, has remained centre stage and has fostered so much debate and sometimes fierce argument.

You can read the October 1996 decision of the House of Lords here

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Anonymous said...

Biogen is interesting law, but it is not necessarily good law. I think attacking claim breadth using inventive step is more appropriate (see for example