Friday 19 June 2015

MIP in-house survey on in-house attitudes to unified patent court and unitary patent: can you help?

This blogger's friends at Managing Intellectual Property magazine are running a survey, in which PatLit readers who work in-house are invited, indeed urged, to participate.  As MIP explains:
The past few months have seen important developments regarding the fees, procedures and rules for the new Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) system in Europe. In the light of these, we are inviting in-house counsel to complete a short survey and to win an iPad mini 3 [reviewed here on Macworld as "a great tablet but still a rubbish deal" ...].

The survey comprises six short questions and takes about three minutes to complete.

All answers will be treated as anonymous, but you can enter your name to have a chance to win an iPad mini 3.

It is the second survey on the Unitary Patent and UPC that we have run. We plan to carry out a third before the end of the year, to track how concerns and views are changing.

The first UPC survey earlier this year showed broad support for the new system, with the majority of respondents saying they are likely to use it for at least some patents, and 46% saying it will be good for innovation in Europe. But is also found that more information about the new system was needed, particularly on costs.

The new survey picks up on that, including two questions on Unitary Patent renewal fees and UPC court fees. There is also a new question asking about specific concerns to do with the UPC. We also include some of the questions in the first survey, to see how about attitudes to the new system have changed over the past few months as more information has become available.

Later this month we will also be conducting in-depth telephone interviews with in-house counsel about the Unitary Patent and UPC. If you would be prepared to take part in an interview, please tick the box in the online survey or email Kingsley Egbuonu directly [you can email him here or phone him on 020 7779 8913].
You can read all MIP's existing coverage of the unitary patent and the UPC here.

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