Monday, 2 March 2009

This month's Patent World

The March 2009 issue of Patent World has now been published. Readers of this blog may like to note that, among the journal's contents, there are several items of interest to US patent litigators and their clients (as well as those who scan American developments in search of ways of making them relevant in other jurisdictions). These include
* "Halting the plague: peaks and troughs in equitable conduct defences", by the three-man team of Joseph O'Malley Jr, Bruce Wexler and Jason T. Christiansen (from US law firm Paul, Hastings, Janovsky & Walker LLP),

* "Disputed claim constructions" by Kilpatrick Stockton's Geoffrey Gavin and Matthew Warenzak", which looks at the impact of suggested reforms providing for direct interlocutory appeals of claim construction decisions where the district court so certifies.
Full details of Patent World are available here.

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