Friday, 14 March 2014

DPMA Challenges SIPO in terms of Growth Rate

Readers who thought that growth rates beyond 20% are only possible in china beware: The German Patent- and Trademark Office DPMA has published a press release on its annual statistics here. The number of granted patents has increased by not less than 22.1% in 2013 (as compared to 26.3% in China). The number of filings has increased by 2.9%, wherein the most important contribution to the latter increase comes from Japan (+ 20.7%) and the US (+9.5%).

According to this blogger's experience, the high official fees of the EPO and the formalistic attitude of the EPO examiners latter drives more and more applicants towards national filings. The modernization in the filed of online services, the extension of the possibilities to use English language and the uncertainty in connection with the quality and the costs of the UPC will eventually further accentuate this trend.

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