Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mediation of IP disputes: a forthcoming event

Here's a link to OHIM's IP Mediation Conference website, which has just been published and which contains a link to the conference programme. The conference itself is described like this:
OHIM will hold its first ever conference on IP Mediation between 29 and 30 May 2014 
The conference will take place in OHIM´s home city of Alicante, Spain, and will bring together a wide spectrum of stakeholders and will be led by top names in the mediation world. A full conference programme is available here .

This is how OHIM visualises IP mediation. The reality may
be a little less sweet and pleasant if not handled properly
The conference brings together world-class mediators, practitioners and experts in the mediation field in what promises to be one of the most dynamic and interesting events of its kind.

Mediation is a fast-growing discipline within IP, and for some years now, has been developing into a significant instrument of dispute settlement. The EU Mediation Directive (2008/52/EC), which aims to promote mediation, especially in the context of civil and commercial disputes, has already been transposed into national law in many member states.

This conference focuses on mediation as a practical tool in day to day IP work. We look at how mediation is practiced at international, EU and at national level, with experts from WIPO, the EPO, OHIM, the UK IP Office and the Portuguese IP office, amongst others. We bring in input from key user associations such as ECTA and INTA, as well as experts from private practice, and offer real-world examples of mediation in action.

We also look at issues like the comparisons and synergies between mediation, negotiation and arbitration; how to maximise the mediation experience; psychology and mediation techniques and how to create value through mediation.

The conference features breakout sessions, which concentrate on issues ranging from mediation and new technology and role playing techniques, allowing participants to fully engage with hands on mediation practices, and to learn about new ways of working.
This blogger, who is participating in this event, is a keen supporter of the principle of mediating IP disputes. Patent disputes appear to be a field of conflict in which mediation is substantially underused, and this blogger wonders whether this event might be a good way of raising the profile of this sometimes labour-intensive but generally agreeable means of resolving disputes.

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