Thursday, 7 February 2013

CIPA Congress and patent litigation: a reminder -- and an opportunity

Many readers of this weblog are members of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) or attend its annual Congress, which takes place in London this coming 3 and 4 October (mark your diaries if you have not already done so!)

For obvious reasons, patent dispute resolution will be featuring on the Congress programme, which seeks to offer some valuable input into our understanding of patent dispute resolution on both sides of the Atlantic, where great changes have either occurred or are in the process of occurring. For equally obvious reasons, it cannot be predicted with absolute precision which specific aspects of patent dispute resolution will be at the fore some eight months from now. An opportunity to raise fresh issues and debate them is however integrated into the programme with its 'hot topics' slot on the second day.

This blogger, who is privileged to sit on the Congress Steering Committee, is happy to make this blog available for anyone who wants to raise patent litigation issues which may be worth drawing to the attention of this year's speakers. Just email me here if there are topics you'd like to air on PatLit -- or which you'd like the speakers to give some thought to before Congress arrives.

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