Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Demonstration at the EPO

About 1500 or 1600 individuals (according to estimates of the organizers) including EPO employees, sympathizing professional representatives, curious bloggers and chimeras of these categories have demonstrated in front of the EPO's Isar building today, where the meeting of the Administrative Council is about to take place. The calls for negotiations between the staff committee and the EPO management were more and more drowned by louder calls for a demission of Mr. Batistelli.

Representatives of the staff committee made various proposals on how to make sure that the fundamental human rights including the freedom of speech and the guarantee of judicial review are respected. One proposal was to establish an independent committee reviewing the managerial decisions in view of their compliance with human rights, the other one was that the EPC should access the European Council.

For more background information, see here and here.

What do our readers think? How can the fundamental rights be preserved in an international organisation where employees do not trust any longer that the management takes these rights for granted? 


Anonymous said...

Respect of human rights just requires common sense and honesty. Mr Battistelli has neither of them. He belongs to the category of nasty Frenchmen that the French revolution tried to eliminate: arrogant, self-centered and eager for power and money. He placed his people in key positions where money and means are available to bribe the national delegates who for the major part are just a bunch of colorless national burocrats. Under these circumstances there is no much hope for a change of course unless Mr Battistelli goes home.

Anonymous said...

Division of power is the basis for every democracy. However, at the EPO, legislative, executive and jurisdiction lies in the hands of the president -and he fully (mis)uses it. This is a clear feature of dictatorship, not in Northern Korea, but in the heart of Europe.
No external control organs are controlling what he is doing, because they are simply not existing. Why on earth is nobody going to stop this ongoing corruption? In the middle of Europe in the year 2014?
A few thousand highly qualified and extremely motivated staff members were respectlessly treated like idiots. All motivation is gone, only frustration is left. Decreasing patent quality will be the long term consequence for the applicants.