Tuesday, 28 January 2014

First Austria and now, it seems, Malta. Who's next?

Thanks to Ingve Stjerna I've had a chance to take note of this short piece on Keltie LLP's IPCopy weblog, "Has Malta ratified the Unified Patent Court Agreement?" by Emily Weal. According to Emily's dexterous use of Google Translate,
"Malta has now passed the ratification process , to be carried out in accordance with article 3 of the Act on Ratification Treaties (Cap 304) Authorizing the Maltese Parliament to ratify the Agreement (Patent Court Industrial unified) Unified Patent Court (UPC) which was signed on 19 February 2013".
Has anyone heard more about this event, or as to whether any other country (apart from Austria, which has already ratified) is also in the middle of committing itself?


Annsley Merelle Ward said...

The AmeriKat understands from some Maltese friends, that last week the motion proposing that the Maltese Parliament ratify the UPC Agreement was debated and approved. Therefore, their Parliament is authorized to ratify the UPC Agreement (it has not already ratified the agreement). Ratification will proceed through the laws of the Malta (Ratification of Treaties Act).

Anonymous said...

It looks like the French parliament have also authorized that the UPC agreement can be ratified: http://www.assemblee-nationale.fr/14/ta/ta0294.asp