Friday, 18 December 2015

13th meeting of the UPC Preparatory Committee

The UPC Preparatory Committee has published its report on its 13th meeting on its website. Alexander Ramsay (SE), the previous Vice Chair of the Committee was elected Chair and Louise Åkerblom (LU) was elected to replace him as Vice Chair. An agreement on the Meditaion Rules was reached. According to the knowledge of this blogger, these Meditaton Rules have bot yet been published. 

A proposal for court fees and the ceiling for the recoverable costs received "favourable comments" but still needs some fine-tuning and there is "emerging consensus" on the Protocol on Privileges and Immunity of the UPC.

Further issues on the schedule for the next meeting are
  • the Rules governing the Registry
  • the Rules of the Advisory Committee,
  • the Service Regulation and
  • the design of the judicial recruitment and training process, wherein the latter will be dealt with by a working group in a highly prioritised work-stream.
The next meeting of the Committee will take place 24 & 25 February 2016.

Alexander Ramsay further shares this and some other information in an interview with Euroforum.

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