Thursday, 6 August 2009

PatLit logo

PatLit is gratified to find that it is increasingly being asked to endorse or sponsor conferences and seminars relating to patent litigation. There is however a problem: one of the first things the PatLit team gets asked is: "do you have a logo which we can put on the cover of our promotional brochure/flyer?" Sadly, the answer is "no".

Although there is never a really quiet time for patent litigators and their clients, August sometimes provides those few precious moments of leisure which can be put to creative uses. If any readers with artistic talents would like to have a go at designing a logo which they'd be willing to let PatLit have (or at least use), the team would be most grateful. An appropriate prize (chocolates, wine, spirits etc) might even be conjured up for the best effort.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone can do better than this effort:

Peter said...

Do you have anything by way of a brief?


Jeremy said...

To Anonymous 07/08/09, 12:52pm. That's ingenious -- but I'm wondering whether the implication that patent litigation somehow leads to justice might be too powerful a message for some of the subject's detractors!