Thursday, 24 March 2011

PCC Pages: a consolidated list of pages 1 to 20

In the autumn of 2010 PatLit launched the PCC Pages, a series of short articles, prepared and supplied by Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) President Alasdair Poore, on the recently re-invigorated Patents County Court for England and Wales, a means of bringing swifter and more affordable justice to litigants of limited means, such as Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).  Here's a complete list of the first 20 posts in the series:
PCC Page 1: Introducing the new judge and his revamped court

PCC Page 2: Does the Patents County Court match your needs?

PCC Page 3: avoiding problems at the pre-action stage

PCC Page 4: complementary Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures

PCC Page 5: a road-map of costs

PCC Page 6: transfer of litigation from the Patents Court

PCC Page 7: First steps in launching proceedings

PCC Page 8: Limits on the recovery of damages

PCC Page 9: Issuing proceedings

PCC Page 10: Defending a claim

PCC Page 11: Getting your tentacles in a twist

PCC Page 12: Robot Octopus takes a break?

PCC Page 13: Snails and octopuses

PCC Page 14: Threats loom larger than the PCC

PCC Page 15: How secret is my technology?

PCC Page 16: How big are the patent attorney’s boots?

PCC Page 17: Victims of their own success?

PCC Page 18: a digression around the Central London County Court

PCC Page 19: Time for review

PCC Page 20: Back to being Cautious, and not letting the experts loose

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