Wednesday, 9 February 2011

PCC: new Wikipedia draft available for comment

The UK's Intellectual Property Office has drafted an update to the Wikipedia entry for the Patents County Court, England and Wales, and welcomes comments from interested parties. You can inspect the draft here and make comments.

PatLit is thrilled that the IPO has taken this initiative, which will help keep the public at large -- including prospective small and medium-sized litigants -- well informed about the court's current status and prospective utility.

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Anonymous said...

Is it me, or has someone at the UKIPO missed the entire thrust of Wikipedia? They could, y'know, *just edit it*, rather than proposing a revised text and seeking comments. Far too lawyerly for a wiki - if people find problems, they too will simply edit the entry further. As wikipedia itself puts it, Be Bold, but Don't Assume Ownership.