Monday, 26 September 2011

Positive declaratory relief: can you help a Finn to finish?

Finnish Patent litigation enthusiast Teemu Puutio is currently working on his Masters degree in Turku. His LLM studies are now at their final stage, in which he is facing the ultimate challenge -- writing up his thesis on the law of patents.  Teemu's topic is "Positive declaratory actions in patent disputes - topicality and procedural prerequisites".  He adds:
"While my work springs forth from the frigid and snowy fields of Finland I am allocating a substantial portion of my work to the legal praxis of the UK, Germany, the USA and the Nordic countries.  However, due to the very limited use of specifically positive declaratory actions in patent disputes, it has been difficult for me to discover the most eminent cases from the legal systems of these jurisdictions. 
After many days and nights spent on various databases and case-aggregation-sites of varying quality, I am finally placing my hope on this message. Do you or your readers have any recollections of noteworthy patent dispute cases in which positive declaratory relief has been sought? I would be more than grateful for any assistance in this matter, be it tentative leads or concrete directions".
If you'd like to suggest any cases or appropriate further reading for Teemu, you can either email him here or post the information below.

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