Sunday, 25 September 2011

Three conference themes to delight the patent litigator -- and a 10% discount

Three forthcoming conferences may be of interest to readers of this weblog, not least because the organisers are offering a 10% discount to any PatLit reader who registers via this link, citing the appropriate VIP ("Very Important Patent"?) Code.  The conferences in question are
International Patent Litigation, 8 December 2011 This is IBC's third annual event on this topic and it promises to be an exciting one if the international cast of judges, practitioners and litigants take advantage of the opportunity to engage in some plain speaking on subjects in which we share the same concern but often have sharply conflicting interests. The venue is the Bloomsbury Hotel, London. Full details of the programme and registration can be accessed by clicking here. The VIP Code is FKW82249PLE.

Standards and Patents, 16 and 17 November 2011 While this subject may appear to be of relevance principally to non-contentious patent lawyers who are involved in the seemingly endless round of negotiations and discussions that attend this topic, it is also one which is ripe for complex patent litigation in which not merely regular patent infringement but competition issues are apt to be raised, and patent litigation has its own slot in the programme. The venue is the Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge. Full details of the programme and registration can be accessed by clicking here. The VIP Code is FKW82244PLL

US Patent Reform Congress 2011, 18 November 2011 If two days' intensive analysis and discussion of patents and standards leaves you craving more, IBC have kindly organised a further event for the day after conference described immediately above.  Good news for patent litigators is that, in addition to regular US patent disputes, which are as plentiful as strawberries at Wimbledon (and even more expensive), it will now be necessary to go to court in order to discover what the America Invents Act actually means. Full details of the programme and registration can be accessed by clicking here. The VIP Code is FKW82243PLL
PatLit is pleased that its readers (like those of its fellow weblog, the IPKat) are being given a 10% discount -- but we'd like something in return.  If one or more of those readers who are attending would like to write a short note on any particularly interesting, exciting or novel topic that arises from any of the papers or from the discussions thereafter, this blog will be pleased to host them.

For further discussion of these events, see the IPKat's comments here

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