Friday, 8 August 2014

Basic Litigation course: room for patent attorneys too

Back in May of this year the IPKat weblog included this piece on the availability of Basic Litigation courses for newly qualified patent attorneys, writes Chris Ryan (IP Consultant to the Nottingham Law School at Nottingham Trent University). Chris continues:
"I and others posted some comments at the time; I mentioned the equivalent course run by the Nottingham Law School at Nottingham Trent University for Trade Mark Attorneys.  The Law School now finds that there are places free on a trade mark attorney’s Basic Litigation course in September, which it is able to offer to patent attorneys.  The course has been accredited by IPReg and would run from Monday 15 September until Friday 19 September 2014.    Anyone wishing to take advantage of this opportunity  (or two courses dedicated to patent attorney students and scheduled to take place in January and June next year) should follow this link".
This blogger, though acutely conscious of the difference between patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys -- and between patent litigation and trade mark litigation -- is comforted by the fact that the two species of IP practitioner can share the same Basic Litigation course in cheerful peace and harmony ...

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