Thursday 9 October 2014

Test the Prototype Case Management System of the UPC!

The UPC preparatory committee has now made the prototype e-filing / case management system available to test here. Curious readers are invited to test how it will feel to file an infringement claim.

The committee explains:
The prototype e-filing / case management system is now available to test. If you would like to test it and provide feedback please visit

Testers can supply feedback using the 'BugHerd' feedback application using the button at the bottom right-hand of the screen (this allows you to click on and highlight certain parts of the prototype, such as fields in forms, and write notes about them).

Purpose of the prototype

The prototype is being configured using an off-the-shelf product, based on UPC draft Rules of Procedure 13-28, allowing testers to file an infringement claim. Feedback from testers is being used over October and November 2014 to help us continue configuration in an iterative way and to then evaluate lessons to inform the procurement process.

The purpose of the prototype is to test the viability of a cloud-based, off-the-shelf, configured system for the UPC, where data is stored by a supplier and can be accessed securely from any location.

We are also learning lessons about user-friendliness, and how to ensure the system might support the UPC Rules of Procedure.

Further information on the prototype and what we hope it will achieve can be found on the prototype site.

Next steps

We will use lessons from the prototype to inform the tender for the UPC e-Filing and case management solution. We plan a full, open procurement process, with publication of the procurement notice in the Official Journal of the European Union in November 2014 and contract award in summer 2015.

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