Thursday, 28 May 2009

Top Patent Blogs

The IP Watchdog weblog, run by US patent attorney Gene Quinn, is running another poll of Top Patent Blogs. Largely following analysis of the popularity of websites, using ratings from Technorati and Alexa, he has compiled a list of the 50 leading patent law blogs. Readers are invited to cast their votes (i) for the blog they believe to be the best and (ii) for the blogs they regularly read. Voting carries on till 30 June and the results will be tabulated and published at the beginning of July.

The PatLit team is gratified to discover that, despite the fact that this blog has been in existence for less than four months, it has made the shortlist of favoured patent law weblogs. The list contains a number of litigation-oriented blogs of which we were unaware, such as R. David Donoghue's lively Chicago IP Litigation blog.

If you'd like to vote, or are just curious to read the list of leading patent law blogs, please visit the polling site here

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