Monday, 4 May 2009

Book notice

Browsing among the books in Oxford last week I stumbled by chance across The Anti-Suit Injunction, by London-based barrister Thomas Raphael (20 Essex Street). According to the publisher, 
This book provides a comprehensive but concise analysis of all the relevant principles and case-law surrounding anti-suit injunctions. Particular emphasis is given to addressing the many practical problems that are likely to confront a practitioner applying for or resisting an anti-suit injunction in urgent circumstances. There are also chapters on related topics that frequently occur in anti-suit cases, such as the scope of exclusive jurisdiction clauses. The main focus of the book is English law, but it also contains chapters summarising the relevant law in other common law jurisdictions such as the USA, Canada and Australia. Recent significant developments in the law relating to anti-suit injunctions created by the decision of the ECJ in Turner v Grovit have left many questions open on the effects of this case in Europe. This book is the first major treatment of anti-suit injunctions and examines in detail those effects, and evaluates the case law as it has developed".
What all of this doesn't say is that this book, published in OUP's Private International Law series, is of some interest to patent litigators, with both patents per se and the Italian torpedo getting a special mention in the book's index.  The book itself spans the gulf that divides practice and scholarship, commencing with a diligently-researched history, analysing modern case law and providing a selection of precedents too. Published at the end of last year, it is still pretty current too.

Bibliographic details: lxxv + 483 pages, hardback. ISBN13: 9780199287321; ISBN10: 0199287325. Published by Oxford University Press. Price: £95 (US$210). Web page here

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