Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A quick reminder: last chance to vote

As a new kid on the blog, having only gone live this February, PatLit was excited and honoured to have made the starting line-up for the poll of Top Patent Blogs 2009. The 50 "top patent blogs" according to Technorati and Alexa figures are listed on IP Watchdog's polling card and there are actually two separate polls. The first, for which each voter may cast just one vote, is for the blog which the reader likes the best. The second, for which the voter may cast as many votes as he or she needs, is for the patent blogs which that voter regularly reads.

Voting lasts till 30 June (i.e. today) and the results, once tabulated, will be published at the beginning of July.

PatLit is delighted to be doing so well despite its infancy. At present, in the first poll (the popularity poll) the blog lies in 25th position out of 50, tying with Duncan Bucknell's well-established IP ThinkTank. In the second (the 'which-blogs-do-you-regularly-read' one), PatLit is even higher, at number 23.

If you'd like to vote, or are just curious to read the list of leading patent law blogs, you can visit the polling site here.

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