Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Are you a Patents County Court user? If so, have your say!

Members of the PCC Users Committee prepare for action ...
Readers of this weblog will know, without needing any reminder, about the effort and care that are being pumped into the Patents County Court (PCC) for England and Wales in an attempt to make it efficient, swift, affordable, fair and altogether virtuous in every possible way.  This even extends to listening to what people who use the court have to say about it.

The Patents County Court User Committee has a forthcoming meeting on 24 October. The User Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss and progress issues concerning the operation of the PCC, ranging from the trivial to important issues. For example it has been involved in preparing the User Guide, discussing damages limits and considering PCC user Evaluation forms.

If you have views on the PCC and its operation, contact Vicki Salmon, Alan Johnson or Alasdaire Poore.

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