Monday, 28 October 2013

Patent Lawyer mag focuses on Finland, Brazil

The current (September-October) issue of The Patent Lawyer, published bimonthly by CTC Legal Media, has a focus on litigating patents in Finland, where on 1 September 2013 all civil intellectual property litigation has been centralised and will be heard by the Market Court.  The idea is to expedite proceedings: according to Petri Eskola, the reorganisation should result in cases getting to trial within a year, an improvement on the 14-to-20 month time-lag under the old system.

There's also a pretty upbeat appraisal of patent litigation in Brazil by Andre Oliveira. While most readers of this blog are unlikely to have had much experience of this, given the impending soccer world cup and Olympic Games which Brazil is hosting, it's quite likely that the country's attitude to ICT and business method patents will be the subject of judicial attention.

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