Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pierre's guidelines: a new, improved version

Back in September, this blog drew the attention of readers to Unified Patent Court - Draft Rules of Procedure is a 306-page handbook, which includes the Agreement in the three official languages of English, French and German. At that time it was announced that a German version of the Draft Rules was being prepared by the law firm Reimann Osterrieth Köhler Haft and that the UK's Powell Gilbert was also named in this venture, which appears to be masterminded by French avocat Pierre Véron.

Piere has now told us that improved version of the handbook comprising a trilingual version of the 19 February 2013 rules in English and French has been added to the website at it includes hypertext links to the legal documents referred to in the Agreement (e.g. Regulations on European Patent with Unitary Effect, Lugano Convention), internal hypertext links for cross references, as well as bookmarks for easier navigation. The direct link to this version is here (for ease of use, you can download this PDF file onto your computer and open it locally with Adobe Reader).

A fully trilingual version, including the draft Rules of Procedure in German, should now be available in November.

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