Friday, 15 May 2015

Prix de thèse Véron: the winners, and a new book

PatLit has learned from its friend Pierre Véron that the award for best French thesis on patent litigation, Prix de thèse Véron & Associés, Contentieux des brevets d’invention, 3rd edition, was presented last month in Paris.

A very distinguished jury, composed of Professors Jacques Azéma, Christian Le Stanc, Jérôme Passa, Frédéric Pollaud-Dulian, and Jacques Raynard, conferred the award upon Mr Dominique Perdreau for his thesis "Le contentieux des brevets d’invention" ("Patent litigation"), under the direction of Professor Jean-Pierre Clavier (Nantes).

Ms Linda Boudour received a special mention for her thesis "La saisie-contrefaçon à l'aune des droits fondamentaux" ("The saisie-contrefaçon with respect to fundamental rights") under the direction of Professor Michel Vivant (Montpellier).

During the ceremony, Véron & Associés announced the imminent publication of the trilingual version (German, English, French) of the firm's book Saisie-contrefaçon, published in French by Éditions Dalloz, collection Référence (3rd edition, 2013). The new edition is due out this June: you can get all the details from the book's web page here.

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