Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wragge review now online: comments and criticisms welcome!

Gordon looking happy
From Gordon Harris (Wragge & Co.) comes the welcome news that his firm's sixteenth annual review of UK patent cases (69 pages, here, packed with useful references and information) is now available online, along with the accompanying webinar (just over 62 minutes).  Says Gordon:

"This year, under the slightly foreboding title "The Virtue of Justice", the comprehensive review covers all the usual topics, but contains a lengthy analysis of the two Supreme Court cases, Schutz v Werit [on, inter alia, the extent to which repairing or replacing part of a patented product was 'making' it] and Virgin v Zodiac [in which Wragge acted for the successful appellant in a case that people are still arguing over], which have been the centrepiece of the developments in 2013. 
As luck would have it, the Court of Appeal answered the call from the Supreme Court to review "stays" in relation to patent cases just in time to get into this review".
Gordon is more than happy to receive feedback, criticism or comment on the contents of the review. If you'd like to tell him what you think, just email him here.

This blog welcomes information about equivalent annual reviews of patent litigation, whether in the UK, elsewhere in Europe or in other jurisdictions further afield.  If your firm conducts an exercise of this nature, do remember to let us know.

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