Monday, 2 November 2009

Court reform: nothing to avail those in the middle?

Writing in the November 2009 issue of Informa's ten-times-a-year Patent World, PatLit team member Michael Burdon pens the journal's 'In Closing' back page feature. The title, "Court reform is of critical importance", reviews patent litigation reform proposals both in Europe and within England and Wales over the past year, concluding:
"I do however fear that this system still caters only for those at the extremes -- those who are litigating patents which have considerable commercial importance, so-called 'big ticket' litigation, at the one end and those involved in more modest low-value disputes at the other. I believe that there is a significant number of companies who are caught in the middle and cannot avail themselves of either alternative".
You can read Michael's article here.

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