Friday, 6 November 2009

UPLS: bright ideas, please!

This coming Tuesday afternoon I'm sharing an IBC Informa conference platform with Tim Frain (Director of IPR, Regulatory Affairs at Nokia) on the subject "Developments in Connection with a Unified Patent Litigation System for Europe". Tim is giving some background and explaining the meat of the current proposals, looking at them not merely from a patent-owner's point of view but in the context of the 'Standards & Patents' theme of the conference. My task is to put together a collection of perspectives that I can bounce off the proposals, leading into the discussion session.

I can produce my own list of 'favourite topics', but I feel that my contribution to the day's programme would be enhanced if I could reflect some of the informed and thought-out opinions of colleagues who are involved at the coalface of patent litigation rather than (as in my case) the standpoint of the enthusiastic spectator.

Above: will the unique characteristics of national patent dispute resolution system be lost or merged into a unified system once consensus is agreed?

If there are any issues you'd like me to mention, or points you'd like me to raise, please email me here and let me know. If you'd rather I didn't mention you as the source or inspiration of my comments, please just say so. In return, I hope to be able to report on anything of particular interest or note which is said during or after the session.

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